Learning Chords

As point out in my article on songs with easy guitar chords, one of the best ways to tackle learning chords on guitar is to approach it within the context of a song.

chordsWhen you do this, you give yourself the opportunity to have fun while you’re learning, and rather than feel like you’re practicing the same couple of chords over and over again, you’ll be able to play those chords in the context of a real song.

With many students, having this context is a real motivator, and is something that they should strive to achieve with every area of their practice.

Chords become more fun if they’re part of a song you love, and learning scales while playing them over a chord progression, or as part of a melody of a song you like, can also make the job go easier, meaning you’ll have more fun and will be inspired to learn more over time!

You’ll grow faster as a musician, and quickly move on to playing harder chords. Learn more about chord theory.

A few songs I recommend for learning beginning guitar chords are:
Photograph, by Ed Sheeran,
Gimme Shelter, by The Rolling Stones, and
Walk The Line, by Johnny Cash.

Which song you choose depends on your own musical preferences and tastes, but each of them uses a fairly common set of chords that you’ll be able to learn quickly.

Learning those basic songs first also means you’re going to have more success and less frustration while performing those first few songs, so it’s definitely something I recommend for any beginning guitarist!